Who Compete netflix and amazon prime

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Who Compete netflix and amazon prime not HBO

Who Compete netflix and amazon prime
Who Compete netflix and amazon prime

Who Compete netflix and amazon prime:- Forget Netflix! This Opportunity Could Be 23X Bigger, Netflix briefly passed Disney as the biggest entertainment company in 2018, and analysts and investors alike celebrated a new dawn in the entertainment world.

But what these press clippings missed was the bigger story.

Because we think Netflix is NOT the future of entertainment. It’s only a small fraction.

With PwC estimating the media landscape to be worth $2.2 trillion in 2021, and Netflix revenue passing $11 billion last year, you’ll see that Netflix makes up only .5% of the media landscape.

You see, Netflix is a streaming company through and through, and they’re great at that.

But this 46-year-old CEO is putting over $44 billion on the table to take over the rest of the market, and he isn’t stopping any time soon.

His forward-thinking company, which many people haven’t even heard of yet, doesn’t only want to compete with Netflix…

It wants to rule the world.

Currently, this company has:

  • Over 1 billion users on its social networking platform
  • Grown cloud computing over 150%,
  • One of the top video streaming platforms in the world
  • The top news service in the world
  • The most powerful gaming divisions in the world, doubling Sony’s revenue in 2017

And it’s not stopping anytime soon.

The company has an advantage that keeps them on top. One that Netflix doesn’t have.

We’ve outlined the background on this incredible opportunity in a report called “The Next Gen Revolution.”

In this report, Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner dives deep into three companies poised to run away with this opportunity that is potentially 23x bigger than Netflix.

And you’ll want to get your hands on it, because David Gardner has built his legacy on finding the next step in technology before everyone else does.

He recommended shares of AOL before the internet was in every house.

He recommended shares of Amazon before people predicted the death of retail stores.

He recommended shares of Netflix before people abandoned their VCR and DVD players.

And each time, those recommendations led to incredible returns for investors who followed his guidance.

And with this Next Gen entertainment opportunity, David thinks the timing is right for another disruption in the market.