Is BCCI Thinking For IPL 2021 Cancellation or Postponed

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Is BCCI thinking for IPL 2021 Cancellation or Postponed

Is BCCI Thinking For IPL 2021 Cancellation or Postponed

After receiving back-to-back COVID+ report of IPL Players, is BCCI Thinking For IPL 2021 Cancellation or Postponed? No one knows the next step of the BCCI but, BCCI postponed the 03rd May match between KKR & RCB after getting KKR two players COVID+.

BCCI Said, Varun Chakravarthy, and Sandeep Warrier were found to be positive in the third round of testing in the last four days. All other team members have tested negative for COVID -19.

Both the players have isolated themselves from the rest of the squad. The Medical Team is in continuous touch with the duo and is monitoring their health.

Meantime KKR team under the observation of the Doctors and doing COVID test regularly. KKR now moved towards a daily testing routine to identify any other possible causes and treat them at the earliest.

The Medical Team is also determining the close and casual contacts of the two positive cases during the 48 hours prior to collection of the sample that returned the positive test results.

BCCI said they have observed all the parameters or conditions. They take all the required steps for players’ safety and also follow all the COVID measures in IPL.

Three members of the Chennai Super Kings’ also tested Positive. chief executive Kasi Viswanathan, bowling coach L Balaji, and a bus cleaner – had tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday.

Viswanathan’s second report came negative in the evening. However, Balaji and the team driver continued to be positive.

In Viswanathan’s case, since one test was positive and another negative, a third test would have to be done since RTPCR does not have 100 percent accuracy.

Now, what is the expectation of tomorrow’s match which is played between Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians? This match is scheduled for 7:30 PM in Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi. But after getting today’s match update, no one know if teams play the next match or not.

According to us, BCCI takes strict action and postponed IPL 2021 rest matches for the next secured time because this is a very crucial time for all human life. No one knows where is the corona and how we not infected with it.

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