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Euro 2020 Upcoming Matches in June and July 2021

Euro 2020 Upcoming Matches

Euro 2020 is the 16th UEFA European Championship or the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organized by the UEFA. Here we have discussed the Euro 2020 Upcoming Matches in the month of June’21 & July’21.

The tournament to be held in 11 cities in 11 UEFA countries, was originally scheduled from 12 June to 12 July 2020. But due to Covid 19 tournament was postponed and rescheduled from 11 June to 11 July 2021.

Here is the complete list of the upcoming matches of the Euro 2020 footwall tournament.

Group Matches with Timing Details

DateTeamsMatches Timing
13.06.2021Austria Vs Macedonia21:30 PM
14.06.2021Netherlands Vs Ukraine00:30 AM
14.06.2021Scotland Vs Czech Republic18:30 PM
14.06.2021Poland Vs Slovakia21:30 PM
15.06.2021Spain Vs Sweden00:30 AM
15.06.2021Hungary Vs Portugal21:30 PM
16.06.2021France Vs Germany00:30 AM
16.06.2021Finland Vs Russia18:30 PM
16.06.2021Turkey Vs Wales21:30 PM
17.06.2021Italy Vs Switzerland00:30 AM
17.06.2021Ukraine Vs Macedonia18:30 PM
17.06.2021Denmark Vs Belgium21:30 PM
18.06.2021Netherlands Vs Austria00:30 AM
18.06.2021Sweden Vs Slovakia18:30 PM
18.06.2021Croatia Vs Czech Republic21:30 PM
19.06.2021England Vs Scotland00:30 AM
19.06.2021Hungary Vs France18:30 PM
19.06.2021Portugal Vs Germany21:30 PM
20.06.2021Spain Vs Poland00:30 AM
20.06.2021Italy Vs Wales21:30 PM
20.06.2021Switzerland Vs Turkey21:30 PM
21.06.2021Ukraine Vs Austria21:30 PM
21.06.2021Macedonia Vs Netherlands21:30 PM
22.06.2021Finland Vs Belgium00:30 AM
22.06.2021Russia Vs Denmark00:30 AM
23.06.2021Croatia Vs Scotland00:30 AM
23.06.2021Czech Republic Vs England00:30 AM
23.06.2021Sweden Vs Poland21:30 PM
23.06.2021Slovakia Vs Spain21:30 PM
24.06.2021Germany Vs Hungary00:30 AM
24.06.2021Portugal Vs France00:30 AM

Matches After Group Stage Completion

DateTeamsMatches Timing
26.06.2021Group A Second Place Vs Group B Second Place21:30 PM
27.06.2021Group A Winner Vs Group C Second Place00:30 AM
27.06.2021Group C Winner Vs Third Place Group D/E/F21:30 PM
28.06.2021Group B Winner Vs Third Place Group A/D/E/F00:30 AM
28.06.2021Group D Second Place Vs Group E Second Place21:30 PM
29.06.2021Group F Winner Vs Third Place Group A/B/C00:30 AM
29.06.2021Group D Winner Vs Group F Second Place21:30 PM
30.06.2021Group E Winner Vs Third Place Group A/B/C/D00:30 AM

Quarter Final Matches details of Euro 2020 tournament,

DateTeamsMatches Timing
02.07.2021Quarter-Finalist 1 Vs Quarter-Finalist 221:30 PM
03.07.2021Quarter-Finalist 3 Vs Quarter-Finalist 400:30 AM
03.07.2021Quarter-Finalist 5 Vs Quarter-Finalist 621:30 PM
04.07.2021Quarter-Finalist 7 Vs Quarter-Finalist 800:30 AM

Semi Final Matches details of Euro 2020 Tournament,

DateTeamsMatches Timing
07.07.2021Semi-Finalist 1 Vs Semi-Finalist 200:30 AM
08.07.2021Semi-Finalist 3 Vs Semi-Finalist 400:30 AM

Grand Final Match of Euro 2020

DateTeamsMatches Timing
12.07.2021Semi-Final 1 Winner Vs Semi-Final 2 Winner00:30 AM

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