Coronavirus Updates – US Recorded 2108 Coronavirus deaths in 24 hours.

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Coronavirus Updates – US Recorded 2108 Coronavirus deaths in 24 hours.

According to the Coronavirus update received from the US, they have registered 2108 death in the last 24 hours. As per the last coronavirus update, the US has become the world’s first country to have registered more than 2000 coronavirus death in a single day. The united state may soon overtake Italy, where 18848 people have died of COVID-19 so far. By Friday night, the US had 18679 recorded deaths.

The number of infections in America has crossed 500,000 the highest in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University data. See here for India updates,

China, where the deadly coronavirus disease started in December last year before spreading across Europe and America killing more than 100,000, has so far recorded 81,000 cases of positive infections and 3,339 deaths.

In terms of fatalities, the US might soon overtake Italy where 18,848 COVID-19 deaths have happened so far. By Friday night, the US had 1,8679 recorded deaths, closely behind Italy. More than 16,000 people have died in Spain and over 13,000 in Germany, the university data said.

By Friday night more than 2,108 Americans had died due to the novel coronavirus and 500,399 people had tested positive with the dreaded disease, it said.

The COVID-19 positive cases in the United States are now more than the other top countries taken together: Spain (158,000), Italy (147,000), Germany (122,000) and France (112,000).

New York, which has emerged as the epicenter of COVID-19 deaths, has registered over 1.7 lakh positive cases, which is more than any other country.

More than 7,800 people in New York have died due to coronavirus. New Jersey has nearly 2,000 deaths and more than 54,000 confirmed cases.

Before the start of the week, members of the White House Task Force on Coronavirus had projected between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths in the US.

While President Donald Trump had said that this was going to be a “terrible, terrible” week in terms of death, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the week was going to be 9/11 and Pearl Harbour moment for the country.