Right Way to Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables.

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Right Way to Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables.

In COVID-19 fear every one thinking how to save ourselves and our family from coronavirus. Washing Vegetable and fruits are the one important way to save our family from coronavirus. But in COVID-19 fear one important question is the rise in our front what is the right way to wash fruits and vegetables during coronavirus pandemic. For more details regarding COVID-19, you can check here, https://news-fair.com/2020/03/18/how-long-coronavirus-live-on-surfaces/

Being honest, we all are scared to eat salads and fruits at this point in time. Coronavirus outbreak, buying fruits and vegetables from the market has been creating concerns in our mind regarding safety.

Health experts are recommending to consume fruits and vegetables after a thorough wash. But not sure of the right way to wash them?

Here are the various ways to wash your fruits, green leafy veggies and root vegetables.

1. At first, before washing them, you must wash your palms and forearms for at least 20 seconds. Also, make sure your clothes are clean which will prevent catching the germs on the veggies.

2. After washing your hands rinse the fruits and vegetables in running water. Also, use your hands to rub them properly.


3. The Food and Drug Administrator does not recommend using soap, detergent or special washes to clean vegetables and fruits.

4. When you are cleaning root vegetables like potato or carrot, a vegetable brush or sponge should be used to ensure all the dirt is removed. As for berries, place them in a colander and rinse those under running water to remove pathogens.

5. Lettuce and leafy green vegetables should be placed in a bowl of cold water and gently toss the leaves back and forth until you cannot find any more dirt. Then rinse under the tap. You can repeat the process once if you feel so.

Take Care for your self and consume fruits and vegetables after washing in the right way.